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On Sun, February 1, 2015 1:34 pm, Quy wrote:

I put "science" in quotes because I don't believe science is as pure and unbiased as most scientists do. I can't speak to Bacon or Descartes.

Indeed. Feminist psychologists have noted, for instance, that Descartes said, "Men are objective, women are subjective." That justifies IMHO your quote marks. Bacon originally developed inductive reasoning with qualifications for concerns like sexism, racism, and the like being problematised.

I do know that Masson's critique was about 20 or so years ago and psychoanalysis has changed dramatically. Many psychoanalysts write about trauma and abuse so if you are comparing psychoanalysis today to that of 50 years ago it is a drastically different animal now.

Yes .. the last time I spoke with him, he said I'm "into herding cats." He was always respectful in his behavior. Today PsySR engages the role of "Diagnosis Alternatives" which relates many important questions to the conversation on social responsibility.

I do want to see the "culture" concern engaged better. The client/survivors engage "client culture" which may reframe the conversation some: See for instance here.

My concern as a client/survivor (B.A. in cognitive psychology) would be that language be framed that does not "trigger" traumatic responses. "You behave as we say, we 'did the research' and so we know what you should do."

I appreciate your effort to engage in a positive manner.


Andrew Phelps