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From: "Andrew Phelps [S-ACC]"


Date: Sat 10/18/14 10:24 PM

Subject: [S-ACC] ongoing psychology action



PsySR is moving towards a more activist phase and (I gather) looking to collaborate in different ways with client/survivors, among other projects.

In the Bay Area, and in several areas of the country there are developing local PsySR groups for regional work. Thus, the Bay Area PsySR group is having its meeting tomorrow at Mudraker's Cafe in Berkeley, 2-4 PM - please come if that's practical for you.

Organized involvement means joining PsySR which is $30/year low income, or less can be worked out if need be.

Also PsySR is now setting up about 12 "action groups" in different topical areas (including "mental health") which will develop actions and projects.