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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

To: <>

Subject: [s-acc] occupy comment

Date: Fri 06/22/12 06:01 PM



I spoke public comment today at the Calif. M.H. Planning Council meeting in San Jose. I passed out copies of the NSR project website to the members, and talked to how fighting "institutional discrimination" was akin to the politics of fighting "institutional racism." I said we have to change the present "behavior management" practice and deal with people respectfully in a new way. I claimed that client/survivors are going to "occupy their behavior" and placed that concept in their attention space.

In the 70s and 80s, people worked at "empowerment" until that practice became commonplace and the system got problematized by how to engage the phenomenology. What I'm proposing means working at "respect" and hopefully in time will also problematize the system. "Empowerment often involved excessive "banging" agendas and the system had to learn to see "past." Behavior occupation will challenge the rationality of the system's denial of "banging" and its dismissal of the possibility of there being behavioral merit in that practice: The claim of "sneering" will tend to lose its salience.

There is an Alternatives workshop application regarding "Occupy our Behavior." Also the Friday July 13th workshop at the DC PsySR conference embraces that perspective.


ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"