From: "dis_course" <>

Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2012 15:03:41 -0800

Subject: [s-acc] NSR report



The New Social Roles listserve is "up and running." There are 22 members - about 1/2 client/survivors and 1/2 psychologist/clinicians. As of January 20, there were 236 posts. Lnp might be able to provide some of the sense of the discussion.

From my point of view, the target of "Stage 1" is to develop rules of dialogicality so that safe conversation can be entertained. As of know we've been going through more of a "getting to know you" (i.e. "your advocacy") introductory phase.

When we can construct a "culture of social responsibility," we will stand ready to move into "Stage 2." There networking and "limited joint projects" are to be nurtured and encouraged: Also, quite a few more people will be involved.

Right now, "Stage 1" is a "work in progress."


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