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Subject: Re: [psysr-disc] Behavior therapist shot helping autistic patient

Date: Sat, July 23, 2016 9:54 pm



On Fri, July 22, 2016 12:31 pm, Pnl wrote:

It would great if PsySR, once briefed in some detail about how we could contribute, could speak to issues like the San Francisco vs. Trieste approach to psychological distress and how deepening an understanding of this model could add important dimensions to discussion of the issues raised by the BLM movement. Especially for the killing that inspired this thread, psychological distress seems like it's a major factor interacting with all the others (class-based, race-based, systemic, etc), and needs to be incorporated into the discussion in the most realistic and justice-promoting way possible.

The commonplace psychological practice, analogous to the APA approach to torture, works akin to the "top-down violence" approach of the police in the BLM capacity. Your point about changing the moral engagement of the police - an upgrade - would be parallel to changing the "socially responsible" engagement of the psychological practice. For each of those, a starting place of dialogue is accessible at the present, IMHO.

The difficulty is that a deeper Vision is needed, one involving "culture change" in a serious manner. Thus early in its work PsySR engaged the "pedagogy of the oppressed" perspective of Martin-Baro - he was assassinated in a "national security" context and that dynamic has stood in the way (see for instance the work of Adrianne Aron, such as here). Thus we face the "two cities" problematic - remember Dr. Okin was formerly Mental Health Commissioner for Massachusetts - so the concern there is long-standing as well. Politically speaking, we are looking at a "tactic" of moral dialogue and a "strategy" involving transcendence of the prevailing mental health paradigm.

I spoke previously of the "reconciliation" concern which directly engages five people oppressed by the "mental health" system - including myself. In fact, for the 2010 PsySR conference, I did seek to bring in Dr. Okin as keynote presenter, albeit that could not be worked at that point.

I'm pleased you are promoting "the most realistic and justice-promoting way possible." I'm not now prepared to help take the lead on that, despite significant support, until we are able to engage reconciliation from the perspective of social responsibility.