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From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Member's attempts to communicate with Barry Anton

Date: Sun 08/02/15 01:41 PM



"Not 'guilty' of anything but wanting .."

Another way to engage the concern presented would be to enlarge the understanding of the social dynamic of getting "involved," so that factors like what Gramsci calls "cultural hegemony" get fully taken up.

Thus, by example, the way in which the individual connects goes beyond "wanting" to having an operational reason. Gramsci would talk about racism, sexism, classism - or other oppression dynamics.

On the present "small listserv" I would say that the perspective of "career" is a socially irresponsible way to relate to "cultural hegemony." The outcome would be the behavior pattern described as doing "small tasks unwittingly."

I do think extending "behavior management" from a "top-down" perspective to a "grassroots' perspective - which calls for knowing authentic operating process, no small matter - would be productive.

I appreciate our member's good work.





On Sun, 8/2/15, the member wrote:

On Sept 12, 2013, I sent the attached letter to Barry Anton with tracking number. A week or so ago I resent it to him by email. No responses. So I take the liberty to go public on this small listserv now.

He may not have been "guilty" of anything but wanting to be APA president. Unfortunately, as intelligence case officers have told me, careerism is all it takes to get people to do small tasks unwittingly that can bring a grim operation to fulfillment. As long as they do X, such as suggesting Russ Newman as a task force "observer," without worrying about the propriety, they have contributed operationally. And they have plausible deniability, as he now claims.

Many sighs. This has been discovered over and over. Bureaucracies can accomplish atrocities by use of many "innocent" hands.