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Subject: Re: [psysr-disc] Behavior therapist shot helping autistic patient

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Thank you for the thoughtful response. Your "DCN" advocacy represents a meaningful tactic, worth engaging in some capacity: Police working "moral behavior" has a tradition that differs from the present "violence" paradigm prevailing.

The difficulty I was addressing is described here where working the 1% model of institutional dynamics is shown to have limited capacity to fully resolve the problems. What I spoke to was developing an approach to actually engaging and transforming the institutional dynamics.

I work with the Coalition for Justice and Accountability in Santa Clara County (San Jose), CA. Recently they have been aligned with an effort to build a county wide dialogue on "Black Lives Matter," (see here) which involves multicultural discussion with the leadership of the S.J. Police.

And PsySR might contribute should a critical understanding of the "Two Cities" problem emerge. Such engagement would be valued.






On Fri, July 22, 2016 8:54 am, Pnl wrote:

I think there needs to be a DCN movement (Disarm Cops Now!). More training is better than less training, but any kind of training is difficult to murder-proof when you have armed gangs of entitled institutionally-protected authoritarians roaming the streets knowing that as long as whomever they kill is poor enough or black enough nothing is ever going to happen to them. They have that sense of security thanks in part to the cozy relationship between cops and prosecutors (and so we need an IPN movement too--Independent Prosecutors Now!).