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Subject: Re: [psysr-disc] More Counter-terrorism $$$ and Status for Psychologists Misusing Behavioral Science?

Date: Sun 03/29/15 01:17 PM



You wrote:

I'm in agreement with you that PsySR attracts non-conformists and I count myself as one. But not all non-conformists are mostly opposed to what others are doing. Some are leaders in new directions.

I do agree that sometimes people have to call the bad guys out when they're being bad and I've often found myself among those who are in that role. But, if that's all we do, we're still not leaders. We're reacting to what the bad guys are doing. In each area that PsySR is engaging with, from ant-terrorism to diversity to human rights, to climate, etc, there needs to be a sense of how PsySR wants things to be, not just how we don't want them to be. And, we should be working in what we have determined to be the right direction, not just against the wrong direction.

I have run up against that "argumentation" problematic over and over in working with PsySR. The leadership dynamic is - in effect - politics and the social change dynamic relates to culture - in effect - anthropology. Thus I worked with Paula Caplan and Lisa Cosgrove to build a "creative maladjustment" advocacy [see HERE for instance]. And now I work on the "Peacebuilding and Reconciliation" project to deepen the political and anthropological engagement.

Perhaps I'm too new to PsySR to understand what this organization supports. I'm just telling you that what I've observed from the listservs so far is much more about what this organization is against. I have gotten the impression that this is a group that is far more reactive than proactive. And, in my experience so far, when I've proposed things to do in the area of climate/environment, I have not seen a response other than for the first time, when I reached out to you before I was a member and invited you to bring PsySR to the People's Climate March (PCM) as a member organization of a group of mental health organizations.

I'm proud of [the] photo of the sign "Anxiety is Appropriate" being carried next to the PsySR banner.

I'd like to see us do more than call out the bad guys when they're being bad. I'd like to see us doing good. In many of the areas that concern PsySR members, there need to be short and long term goals. Have these goals been created? I don't have that sense. But, again, perhaps I'm too new to PsySR.

That seems to me to be part of the "social responsibility" problematic. The evident need is to work more on constructing the psychology of social responsibility. When Ignacio Martín-Baró reached in the 1980s to move psychology to Freire's "Pedagogy of the Oppressed" perspective, he was much valued for positive leadership. However he was killed and his reach in "doing good" needs today to be embraced and enhanced with strong organizational effort.


Andrew Phelps