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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>


Date: Wed, May 4, 2016 11:38 pm

Subject: Re: [S-ACC] metabolic breakdown



I don't know how attendance and scholarship are to be arranged:  Here  is the working link. You might check in with Bob Geffner at IVAT or another connection of that sort. The coincidence of "same location" as the IVAT/NPEIV conference [only] "3 weeks later" engages.

Regarding how I'm doing, that's not really the thrust intended of my posting. The matter is that people who take leadership among the "mental health clients" - such as you, me, Oryx - take political risks that at some point may "clobber" us. My concern is that to move to a "second wave" of our movement, we need to upgrade our capacity to handle the dangers, which connect with the re-trauma we face.

The prevailing MHFA "Mental Health First Aid" approach opens up some to the "mental health lies" and relocates our vulnerabilitites. Not that we are "done right" by, rather the "clobber" system has an emerging re-set. What Oryx shows by doing the film is a new genre of advocacy that - for the present - does disconnect some of the "mental illness" system of lies.

We need to create models of advocacy in the flavor shown in the film. Not the same, necessarily, since there are design limits to that project - one being the lack of insight into the 1% "community mental health" model mentioned and shown there. For your message, my thought would be that you might attempt to reach to critical psychology elements like the "violence, abuse, and trauma" folks and enlist their support of you as "person.":





On Tue, 5/3/16, Uvw wrote:

I got your post, pray and hope, you're doing well.

I like to find out, how I can go to the Alternatives 2016, here in San Diego.

Would you know who[m] I would need to contact.