The Butterfly

From: "Andrew Phelps" <>


Sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 10:04 AM

Subject: [S-ACC] metabolic breakdown



I've had my own experience akin to falling off the ladder while going after the cat in the loft. Not as bad/hurtful, yet the idea is similar, inasmuch as one may move to take responsibility w/o sufficient support, and reach to a personal "trauma" zone.

In my instance, I was a political activist in Berkeley politics in the late 60s, and then I acted boldly in a way that helped pull together the progressive movement. The psychological impact was severe and I ended "renditioned" to Washington, DC and placed in psychiatric lock-up. I got out of the hospital, after a month, and the psychiatrist who had me locked up would then see me regularly. I told him I had to go back to Berkeley that April "to vote," and he felt he had to assent.

Now I've made to engage the progressive coming-together of Berkeley 2016, and revisited my lived experience of the trauma situation. I do trust my "retrauma" work will pay off and I know that I will come through a full person - I'm not willing to engage being considered "mentally ill."

In that capacity, there is a  film  where Oryx Cohen is followed after he had his own re-trauma experience at Alternatives 2014 Austin, I would praise that film because there "mental illness" is challenged as an ideological frame, and people's personal ways of being are promoted.