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Date: Sun, March 11, 2012 1:02 pm




I don't have the skill of Emma the Bee but I'm attentive to the critical perspective of Walter Benjamin. For me the psychology of the "cognitive fallback" scenario relates to the difficulty of engaging the "clinical gaze" issue (in Michel Foucault's terms). The client/survivors are not "rats," but people: Reducing us all to bees (or ants) is language-in-transition.

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Metaphor Crafters
Narrative meets activism in the work of the 'Beehive Collective'

WALTER BENJAMIN AND OTHER THEORISTS of the present day argue we’ve turned from a word-based culture back to a visual one like that of the Middle Ages, when the illiterate learned their Bible stories from fresco cycles. Anyone who has been to a medieval church understands the shivery power of visual storytelling: the spires stretching up to heaven, gargoyles whose ferocity wards off the ever-present threat of evil. Nowadays, we’re steeped in the seductive visuals of advertising, like the images of nature that sell us unrelated consumer goods: breaching whales for insurance; canoe rides between cliffs for a herpes drug.