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I watched this documentary recently on psychopathy;


I think labeling falls into a polarity like everything else. it can be useful or can be abusive. the labeling of a psychopath fits a particular criteria of a type of behavior pattern, which the psychiatric system as well as the law can abuse. But i wouldn't dismiss the criteria of the behavior pattern that does exist in some people. it would be interesting if joh ronson asked his scientologist friend about the scientology view of a psychopath, because they have a whole technology of how to recognize them and handle them.

And unfortunately that "technology" has a built-in "cult" manipulative approach. The person's "meaning of being" is not the outcome being promoted.

Where I agree with you is that psychodiagnosis is a social construction in the sense of Gergen. Therefore the social meaning of "life situations" transcends the framework that convention imposes.

Also, Tom's effort to put that meaning in a social context HERE is a positive upgrading of that social context: I much appreciate that.


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