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From: "Andrew Phelps"


[S-ACC] meaningful response

Thursday, February 25, 2016 12:36 PM



Jennifer Freyd spoke at De Anza College to a small audience that involved campus leadership in an important way. Down the street, Apple Corp. was involved with the concern about giving a "back door" to the iPad on behalf of the F.B.I.

She gave a power point demonstration of the psychology of institutional betrayal that meets the standard of "research." She also focused on 2014 student protests about rape, see  here  (for example), for a study of how students experience betrayal by academic institutions.

For me, I was seeing psychology done in the flavor of complex truths about behavior, when that needs to be thought through better. At the follow-up discussion, I imagined I was involved in a "mental patients" discussion about behavior management, yet the discussants were mainly staff and professionals describing their difficult lived experiences, and speaking based on their trained and practiced skills!

As the times change, the madness struggle comes to transcend the roles of those designated as "mentally ill." I imagined I was looking at an institution (the College) which now sees the need to engage its polity or face the trials and tribulations of being controlled as a consequence of institutional dysfunction.