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From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Psychiatrists under attack

Date: Sun 05/31/15 11:55 AM


"I am the source of the thundered word by which all creatures were made, I permeate all things that they may not die."


In the frame of Hildegarde above, we should acknowledge there are behavioral dynamics related to the so-called "ADHD" which are meaningful and deserve engagement.

The ideation of "Diagnostic Alternatives" here involves recognition that the Renaissance way of understanding the 'nature' of the human way is not properly engaged by the present notion of "mental illness" - that Eisenberg was literally correct in his comment about the "lie."

The "fictitious syndrome" assignment confuses the fiction, viz. that "mental illness" is a scientific formulation, with the syndrome, that there is some pattern of behavior which tends to match the stereotypy of the ADHD Dx.

In other words, Ttt does not deny the phenomology outright, rather she talks about finding how to engage the behavioral patterns - as observed in individual situations - in a meaningful way, one that transcends the pre-scientific character of the theory.






On Thu, 5/28/15, Srp wrote:

I am not at all advocating ADHD drugs. But the idea that ADHD is a fictitious syndrome is nonsense to anyone who has lived with and compensated for a person so afflicted and an insult to people who must bear up with this condition. What is the epistemic status of deathbed confessions anyway?