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Date:  Tuesday, August 28, 2018 1:39 AM



Also important is the perspective of moral psychology, something that transcends the moral thread of Kohlberg's theoretical thought.

In "On Moral Grounds" Norma Haan develops the critical handle for a more socially responsible approach (by disclosure, my name is given as one of the "acknowledgements" there).

On Mon, 8/27/18, Vsp wrote:

I agree re McCain….a good man, courageous pilot, and tortured prisoner, killed innocent people in a war called a “mistake” by its manager, McNamara.

It is fitting that we honor McCain, but let us not forget his, and our nation’s, lethal flaws.

I believe strongly that you are an honorable person, your occasional expressions described as "humor" notwithstanding.

Nonetheless, the "lethal flaws" analysis does not carry the depth of the deeper political critique that may be brought to the psychological frame that obtains.


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