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In the language of behavior management, the discussion linked below is about the lived experience of "learned helplessness."

In 2005 Paula Caplan and I spoke before the business meeting of Psychologists for Social Responsibility [PsySR] in Washington, DC. We wanted for people to take on "Creative Maladjustment" in place of "learned helplessness is good treatment." We got applause but our proposal was voted down. :-(

However when the PsySR came head-to-head with the torture system at Guantanamo Bay - where intentional "messages of hopelessness" were provided by "scientific application" of the "learned helplessness" paradigm the leadership of PsySR relented.

There remain deep misunderstandings of how to move forward the "psychology of treatment," however.  <sigh!>


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Where Do Messages of Hopelessness in Mental Health Care Come From?

December 28, 2012
By Sophie Faught
MindFreedom International Communications Coordinator