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Sqo, and Usq:

I agree with the sentiments Sqo advocates and they express feelings I have as well.

The one limitation I have is with regard to Dr. Szasz. In my experience, while his sentiment was as reported, his social responsibility was to engage the question of "behavior management" as "science" and that he declined to do.

I find Tom Scheff's comments in that direction to be constructive, and the discussion I believe to be ongoing.


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I was very glad to see Liza Long's piece on the Internet--I think it's the best place for it to be. The only way to stop the stigma of mental illness is to talk about it.

.. as for looking for the "magic treatment"--I am apalled. You are looking for the medical industry to fix mental illness, which is not a medical problem.

Virtually all "mental illness" is the result of bad human relations. The "magic treatment" is for the distressed person to get into a good human relationship, which is what psychotherapy is supposed to be. There are no lobotomies, shock treatment or drugs that are going to treat the emotional pain some people live with. Try parenting classes. Try psychotherapy. Try personal responsibility (which is what Dr. Tom Szasz said therapy was all about).