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Subject: Re: [S-ACC] disclosure for dialogue

Date: Sat 12/21/13 05:31 PM



When I google on "Kairi" I find important reference to Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, for instance HERE.

Developing the conversation forward in a meaningful way is an important part of the work project facing us.

Kig wrote:

Hi .. I apologize for any distress you [Andrew] are experiencing and hope you will tell me some more about that. I hear you on the violence part, am an adherent of non-violence myself, however I also note that this tactic did not work with Hitler, but rather simply allowed him to round up more people and throw them into furnaces. It seems to me that the tide is turning that way now with all this forced treatment push.

IMHO we also need to engage the historical anti-fascist struggle, and relate that to "science" (not: "mental illness," which is phony science).

In Italy Antonio Gramsci developed the notion of the "proletarian intellectual" which provided room for Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to flourish in the "democratic anti-fascist" effort. That project worked and unlike in Germany, the result was that Mussolini was defeated.

The "clinical gaze critique" approach leans on the Trieste version of Gramsci's effort, which has produced the "community engagement" experience there. And also on "science" because of psychiatry there bringing in Michel Foucault's critical insight into the social dynamic of the "helping process."

Pulling those insights together is .. a challenge. I had hoped to bring the International Critical Psychiatry Workshop perspective HERE to Austin, which was supported both by the Italian psychiatrists present and by U.C. Berkeley medical anthropology which embraces the "madness" perspective rather than the phony "science" approach that prevails in "mental health today."


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