Alice meets the caterpillar


From:  "Andrew Phelps" <>


Subject:  Re: [psysr-disc] The “Just Enough” Policy: Behavioral Control of Collective Protest through Minimum Reward

Date:  Wednesday, January 2, 2019 9:53 PM



Very well said.

Of course the actual challenge to the behavioral management way of oppression largely remains on the Table.

I would say that March 26th Berkeley KPFA is presenting Carolyn Forche, who speaks to meeting "The Colonel" in El Salvador in 1978, who then showed his "bag of ears."

That radical feminist poem takes the United Fruit Company power base there, and goes beyond "Just Enough."





On Wed, 1/2/19, Dgj wrote:

The division 48 discussion between [Psychologist 1] and [Psycholologist 2] has been a delightful journey into the hearts and mind of two of our division's erudite scholars. Each has offered analyses of the dilemma we face as a people and nation, as government, military, media, and corporate institutions vie for our souls! Their goal: advantage!

They work to gain control and domination. Conformity is always societies' goal! Don't rock the boat!

I join this conversation by attaching a piece I wrote a few years ago which lists the behavior control tactics of minimal and partial reward which keeps many citizens content, comfortable, and free of activism and advocacy for democracy, liberty, freedom, and justice.