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Subject: [S-ACC] clinical behavior retraining

Date: Thu 09/11/14 04:31 PM



I'm often saying that the clinicians have "diagnosis behavior" issues and that they many times need to "behave better." On Sunday I did a workshop at IVAT (International Conference on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma) in San Diego with Chris Zubiate, the founder of Psynergy, Inc. The focus was on "clinician behavior" and we spoke to the need to transcend present practice. The title was Overcoming the Dynamics of Trauma: A Working Clinical Paradigm and we brought forward the "clinical gaze critique" of Foucault.

My flyer for presenting [was] HERE. Our advocacy was by and large embraced by the conference leadership. That is to say, their engagement with "diagnosis behavior" is shifting from denial, from the "sneer," to something more akin to reflection. I can't say they know yet how to embrace that advocacy practically; I can say that Chris spoke to his experience of behavior management performed in the Foucauldian frame of respect.

I'm also pleased to say that when we had participants speak from their hearts, they were quite supportive. And Vernon Montoya was able to speak for five minutes on his perspective as that has matured, from Camarillo in the 70s. Last year I did a workshop at IVAT with Chris and also with Jancis Long which helped put some of the present dialogue in place: See HERE for that report. More and more it seems that some "violence, abuse, and trauma" providers are leaning to meaningful critical perspectives, are learning to listen.

On a parallel front, I would report that our workshop application to the 28th Alternatives Conference in Orlando next month was rejected. The Alternatives arrangement is under some degree of political stress, and I'm sorry we didn't reach.. For another venue, some good energy comes from what I hear from NARPA last week in Seattle. Paula Caplan was a keynote speaker and Delphine tells me that some good networking obtained there.