From: "Andrew Phelps <>"


Subject: [S-ACC] IVAT and Institutional Betrayal

Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 5:19 PM



I attended much of the IVAT Conference in San Diego, presented a poster ("Interpersonal Violence: Putting the Silicon Valley to Work"), and also participated in the related NPEIV (link here) political project.

Changing the "interpersonal violence" project to an effective "paradigm shift" advocacy (as against a simple "trauma informed care" approach to treatment) was an important part of the developing discussion.

The idea now starting to be brought forward is that "institutional betrayal" is a deep concern and that the trauma of "adverse childhood experience" does not reach to the level of the oppression of the behavioral health system.

As people with lived experience of the "mental illness" system, we have the capacity to train the clinicians who do have a socially responsible perspective in the actual nature of the interpersonal violence of the present system.