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Subject: [behave] "institutional shift" as advocacy

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What the MHCA is about - meeting and advocating in a San Jose/Santa Clara County context - transcends the adjustment of students to the campus life, and to the social concerns of the community. Beyond the denial of our authenticity as people (not "mentally ill" beings) and the violence and abuse of our social context (as, e.g., "domestic violence"), stands the brilliance of our "life projects," of whom we mean to be. We have meaning as ourselves, and also as people who are actually working to change society, and the academic environment.

In June 2015 we performed “Mad Lives Matter” at the U.S. Social Forum in San Jose. Flyer:  here. In Fall 2016 we featured Raggedy Ann as a symbol of advocacy for shifting SJCC to the on-campus Child Development Center (CDC) approach. Flyer:  here. In Spring 2017 with the strong heart advocacy of Melissa Martinez we helped the Associated Student Government (A.S.G.) and the Academic Senate to embrace that advocacy: See for instance: link here. And on June 13, 2017, the SJECCD Board of Trustees agreed to fund a new on-campus CDC!

We need to construct our work efforts so that people working for actual social change in campus and community institutions becomes the ongoing activity. I'm believing that under the social dynamics of the current political environment, that MHCA may make positive contribution by such engagement.




Andrew Phelps

(interim) President, MHCA



GROUP DESCRIPTION (from BEHAVE list website):

The Mental Health Client Association of San Jose City College advocates against student stress and against the social attitude that client/survivors are “behavior objects.”