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From: "'Andrew Phelps' via Human Rights and Psychology"


Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Re: [psysr-disc] Re: [NSPA] Fwd: From the Interim CEO - Letter from APA

Date: Tuesday, August 30, 2016 1:59 PM



I attended the NPEIV/IVAT 21 conference in San Diego, CA last weekend. [Both Paula Caplan and Roberta Sprague have served on the NPEIV Board, and Jancis Long has presented there (with me) previously.]

On Mon, 8/29/16, Tsr wrote:

While I do agree that it is a problem that the hole left by the psychologists is being filled by psychiatrists, social workers and 'psych techs', we have done something good by leaving. Our profession is no longer involved with force feeding, we are no longer giving these compromised diagnoses, no longer providing comprised therapy and we are increasing the pressure to close GITMO.

What is also true is that grassroots clinical struggles against "violence, abuse, and trauma" dynamics based on interpersonal violence, seems to be making advances. I keep wondering about how the NPEIV social responsibility project might find levels and places to work more effectively, even to collaborate, with PsySR.

Yes, the next phase of the fight -- once we are able to defeat 23A -- would be to create cross disciplinary alliances.

Again, Tsr, you are reaching to the deep restructure project for psychology and the APA - what I'm saying is that the micro concerns of the 21 year "violence, abuse, and trauma" project present one direction for developing meaningful alliance.