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Subject: Re: Please read this. How is PsySR going to do this?

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I participated in the March in San Jose, about 25K serving as a statement about the culture of the Silicon Valley.

On Sun, 1/22/17, Ijk wrote:

The term, "intersectionality" has also accumulated more than one definition and is often used in a way that misses the whole point of intersectional theory. But the challenge remains. How do we avoid expanding on the very identity that sets us up as the enemy of the Trumpsters? Or; how can we inspire the people who don't show up for elections and/or the folks who don't have the mental energy to investigate the complexity of the political context? Maybe that's not the job of PsySR, but that is the challenge that inspires me.

Indeed. And that challenge is reflected in the "culture change" project in the experience of Northern Italy, which has - over time - radically transformed the social process. They started with the "Trump" talker Benito Mussolini and worked from their success there to a major shift in engaging the character of oppression of the people that the present system defines as "mentally ill." See for example  HERE.



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