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Date: Sun, January 5, 2014 11:39 am

Subject: Re: [psysr-disc] NAFTA, the Zapatistas and the TPP



You have presented the political psychology in a meaningful way, thank you.

An interesting DN! segment linking "free trade" bills and the racist cultural destruction of indigenous peoples--among other terrible effects.

First link HERE


It looks like the TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership (scheduled to be introduced to Congress Jan. 8 for "fast tracking") will erode, in no particular order: ..


As someone with psychological training, I have to wonder: if a bill is stepping on this many toes at once, why are all of these mini movements not uniting and coordinating against a common enemy? Why is this bill so off the radar?

That is a problem that reflects the limitations of psychological training. You might consider networking with others who have been "working" the problematic of those limitations:

Oh wait, overcoming ingroup idiocy is extremely difficult. That was an easy one.

Overcoming the stereotypes that place psychologists in an "idiotic" position is the "hard" problem. "Ingroup idiocy" is a stereotyping of the social dynamics.

The ongoing danger is when folks "take advantage" of that "ingroup idiocy" type of dynamics. For that, what is needed is a stronger positioning of "critical psychology."



Andrew Phelps