From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: Re: [s-acc] An Idea of Mine

Date: Thu 02/28/13 07:43 AM



The list description for S-ACC includes the phrase: "Paths with 'heart'" may be incorporated into the dialogue structure in ways mindful of the expectations of social accountability.

You wrote:

Thank you Andrew. I sincerely appreciate your commitment to open discussion.

I looked at your "new blog" which relates to the Illuminati, claimed to be a way to get away from the anti-psychiatry rage experience. However the "cult" manner of using behavioral conditioning to control psychiatric excess does not meet "the expectations of social accountability." That's an understanding of long standing. Thus it is not "open discussion" but discussion within the parameter of respect that is supported on-list.

The occupation of behavior implied by that blog is in the frame of "exploration." There are many studies that show how the classical conditioning approach is disrespectful and produces unfortunate social breakdown. In my estimate, you would do well to read or otherwise investigate such concerns, which have impacted many here. My own personal concern was strongly affected by the lived experience of Sue Poole, who - I believe - would have attributed the cause of her passing to the cult dynamic underlying the NEA, and noting its role as an employment management system.


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