Hoarding Becomes Diagnosable


From: Andrew Phelps <dis_course@yahoo.com>

To: SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY <s-acc@yahoogroups.com>

Cc: Associates

Subject: [s-acc] Occupy APA perspective

Date: Sun 05/19/13 06:57 AM



I prepared a flyer for today's Occupy the APA demonstration in San Francisco.  HERE.

The idea is to support the demo from the framework of "respect" and then to bring forward the matter of engaging the oppression of the behavior management system in 'mental health'. The reference to 'medical anthropology' (the flyer text was written in a medical anthropology context) embraces the "culture change" concern of the advocacy. The concern is that - as the role of psychiatric diagnosis shifts with the social process of the introduction of DSM-V the direction of institutional change towards "trauma sensitivity" should be brought to the fore.

Such is the manner in which I intend to focus the occupation of my behavior today.