From: Andrew Phelps <>

Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] stanford article on reducing racial prejudice


Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2013, 6:58 PM



An alternative - fundamentally similar - framework for Ttt's comments on "reducing racism" would go to the advocacy of Dr. Melanie Tervalon at Children's Hospital Oakland, CA. That advocacy is known as "cultural humility." Thus (for example) HERE.

The "reducing racism" frame is insufficient. It embraces the particular stereotypies of ethnic discrimination, but does not bring in the entire framework of behavior based on engaging social responsibility.





On Wed, 8/28/13, Ttt wrote:

There are ways to resolve these problems and they aren't just racial; they include all of the ways that people can place other people in groups to create "us" and "them". Then "us" decides "them" are not human like themselves and proceeds to dehumanize them which may go as far as deciding to get rid of them. But, as "them" are discriminated against, they may become an "us" group and those who discriminated against them become their "them"; thus dehumanization becomes a double-edge sword.