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I attended the event HERE: It was not directly about drawing Ellsberg into the project, rather that was the intention of Dr. Roller. I was able to speak to Ellsberg about my concern, before going in to watch the film. The event itself focused on Oliver Stone's film which portrayed the U.S. dropping of the A-bomb on Japan.

Ellsberg spoke after the film when Stone and Dr. Kuznick were finished, and then there was Q&A. I put forward the last question, which was regarding the mindset of America at the time of the bombing and how we need to take more focus on the psychology of social responsibility and building "character." That drew a burst of applause and also got a careful answer from Dan, who had been in high school in Detroit at the time the bomb was dropped.

I passed around afterwards a handout HERE which was from the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology. That stressed the present nature of the struggle for social accountability by psychology in the national security setting. My report is that my behavior was well received by the people organizing the event.

Eventually Dr. Roller came up to me and expressed his bad attitude towards my advocacy. I fielded that with civility and "on point" and he backed off. I also told him, before he backed off and left the theater, that his advocacy for Zimbardo troubled me "from the bottom of my heart."



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There is an event Thursday in Oakland, CA built around drawing Daniel Ellsberg into the project, with Oliver Stone
I don't think "heroism" is the way to go and I don't want to see Ellsberg drawn in to that approach.
I'm looking for the way to respond.