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Subject: [S-ACC] Re: habit change, institutional upgrade

Date: Wednesday, July 8, 2015 12:11 PM



The post is different because the situation is different - the lead organizer was the head of the U.S. Hip-Hop Congress and the "Social Forum" is different from a professional conference. Essentially one has a conference of activists who want to challenge the prevailing corporate culture and talk with one another in a "reasonable" manner. The first such event took place in Seattle in 1999 and the project was transformed into the "Social Forum" at Porto Alegre Brazil in 2001.

There was a U.S. Social Forum in Atlanta, GA - 2007 and Detroit, MI - 2010. This year there were two main parts, Philadelphia HERE and San Jose HERE.

I'm trying to under stand your post, first you say that you had 25 people show to your Mad Lives Matter workshop, out of respect to you and Delphine, that is a drop in the bucket, conpare to last year IVAT conference, of your workshop you had here in San Diego, you really got to try to bring the people, for both your MLM up there, and when you do your workshop down here.

"25" was an average amount for workshops at the San Jose Social Forum, and ours took good attention from many who did not attend, as well.

To tell you the truth, people care less about today madness and their lives, although there has not been talk about reopening State hospital, the MHSA is becoming more force treatment, with a endless hope.


However in "progressive activism" the main dynamic encountered - see Delphine's report - is "disability advocacy." That is not something our advocacy would embrace with excitement, rather that represents a manner of "making do" with the backing of unions like SEIU and various other groups.

You talk about moving past the first wave of the survivor and client movement, to what, you list as follows:  Sharing, Habit change, Grassroots, Institutional upgrade, Social discipline, and Ending oppression.


These sound fine, but are historical talks, that the movement was made of.

And the Social Forum is where changes are made in "history" - another world is possible.

The bad part is that you're up there, and not down here, to share the Mad Lives Matter,

As I said, we are not creating a "Mad Lives Matter" movement. Rather, we are explaining to the people involved in changing the path of history what change might look like to them.

And regarding IVAT, we were unable to arrange a workshop. [That is a professional conference, of course.] There will be a poster session Sunday August 23 6PM.

“Hip, hop” is a different way to present social advocacy!


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