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From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

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Cc: Friends

Subject: [S-ACC] beyond Goofy

Date: Mon 02/03/14 10:08 PM



I attended the PsySR Bay Area "informal" meeting Saturday, as did three others from the S-ACC "Work Group" - 17 persons in all attended. We talked "retrauma" and the individuals present listened. What we got was civility and meaningful engagement, what we did not get was a working common understanding of how to interface with respect. That means we will have to "occupy our behavior" and develop an organized engagement.

The group chose to set quarterly meetings. Also they set up a listserv PSYSR-BAYAREA to which people here may subscribe HERE .. if not approved, you may contact myself.

The problematic of "occupying our behavior" so as to organize respect for our integrity is [a] low-key and [b] daunting. That does not mean a full-scale "client network" but it does mean IMHO adopting the right "grassroots community engagement" perspective, with the orientation towards Gramsci and Foucault, not towards Alinsky and the organizational fabric that dominated the old "Mickey" type client organizations. There is much more to be said - I'm just pulling my thoughts together at present.

In addition to the four of us, there were 5-7 who indicated interest but were not able to attend. Right now PsySR has regional activity in NYC, Baltimore/Washington, and Chicago. I have not heard of successful interface there at the non-Goofy level, although I hear about good things happening on an individual basis in the "Chesapeake" context. The positivity seems to be that the "stereotyping" that dominates - which may at times resemble the way "mental health" engages "Goofy" - may in fact be susceptible of breaking down and taking up the "rework."

I'm still breaking down the (moderate) retrauma for which I spent the last weeks getting set ..