From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

To: <>

Subject: [S-ACC] social irresponsibility

Date: Sat 02/01/14 11:50 AM



Today we start the "informal" arrangement which is to devolve into "socially responsible" networking of psychologists in the S.F. Bay Area. The ongoing concern I find is how "socially responsible" interfaces with retrauma, with integrity, with the social being of the people facing (or having faced) behavior management. The desire would be to move the process forward in a constructive way and to challenge the oppressive character of the present situation. Outcomes that are "socially irresponsible" call for engaging the concern of social accountability.

History shows the character of the difficulties. In the 60s and the 70s, Radical Therapy (RT) put "social justice" into the therapeutic dynamic. Much good obtained, but the process was taken over by people advocating "Games People Play" and - eventually - there was "koolaid" offered by people using the approach that had taken over the RT project. That symbolizes the "social irresponsibility" of that day.

Later psychologists sought to upgrade the advocacy - with the expectation of undercutting the process that had previously developed. They build "critical psychology" and created the Radical Psychology Network (1993), and advocated social constructionism and liberation psychology. That was better and the problematic became how to do "social responsibility" in a manner sufficient to the reality. PsySR spend the early 2000's attempting to pull together those different "critical" threads: Much was done, but ultimately the problem because the "biscuit," the BSCT project for Guantanamo Bay torture organized by psychologists.

Today we are working past the "koolaid" and the "biscuit" - we find concerns - "skittles" is one - coming to open up the dialogue. Recently the APA (Psychology) embraced John Leso, the man who organized the BSCT: PsySR has been badly taken by that development (the behavior of the APA), of course. Today we look for meaningful transformation and a direct termination of the dynamics of "retrauma" and the embrace of our integrity. We will not get anything so straightforward and transparent today, nor in the immediate process, I'm afraid: Nonetheless, we will all do our best and we will trust we may continue to help move the process/project forward.


Respectfully submitted