From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: Re: [S-ACC] disclosure for dialogue

Date: Sat 01/11/14 02:09 PM



My personal experience with IVAT 18 last September included a keynote speech by a former instructor at Haverford College. As a graduate of Haverford, I approached him regarding his sarcastic engagement with the "mental illness" issue. He engaged me in an insulting and abusive manner that wounded my feelings. Today (at last) my feelings have been pulled up, due to separate matters that have recently arisen regarding Haverford College and the exposure of the FBI's "Cointelpro" project (see Democracy Now! for more detail).

On Tue, 1/7/14, you wrote:

I'm sorry to say, but I'm moving on in my life, you see my girlfriend commited suicide, and I'm up set over the hold or deal.

I'll just say, we need a Nat. Network of Mental Health Clients.

Only the IVAT is not all that it is cut up to be.

I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend.

For me, the concern is not to "promote IVAT." Rather the concern is that "diagnostic behavior" needs to be engaged better than is currently done by psychologists who "make a business" of (challenging) Violence, Abuse, and Trauma.

With regards your "Nat. Network," we have the Goofy paradigm currently, where the mental health system is attempting to "take over" the client/survivor organizing process, and manage "goofies." We need to understand how to make an appropriate challenge to "behavior management" and then how to network accordingly


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