From: "Andrew Phelps" <>

To: <>

Cc: Friends

Subject: [S-ACC] Goofy experience report

Date: Sat 12/14/13 07:29 AM



I did not attend Alternatives 2013; I have talked with two who attended and one who was involved, who - I gather - did not attend. Goofy did a "Work Group" caucus and (by report) one person attended: The "big" caucus was set for a conflicting time, I'm told.

Another comment is that the attendee group for Alternatives has evidently "shifted" and that what was embraced was people "working for the system." Being socially constructed as 'peer' specialists who promote "good behavior" - that's my IMAGE of what that means.

The political context is that SAMHSA is under attack from a Congressperson who is a clinician and they are "looking over the shoulder." Likely the people there also "feel like Goofy."

Things are shifting, indeed, in the world of "mental health." We will need to frame our thinking in such a direction, and try to see what may be done so that the "new version" engages social accountability better



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