From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Questions About Torture: What The University Of Missouri Should Ask A Gitmo Psychologist

Date: Saturday, January 26, 2013, 10:44 AM



My lived experience is that my great-grandfather spent the Civil War in a Union prison camp in St. Louis. He had organized a "Dixie Guard" unit at his high school in St. Charles, in an effort to help Missouri secede. [I'm ashamed of him for so doing.]

The other side is that the Brigadier General in charge of the Missouri District for the Union was Gen. Wedemeyer. Before coming to the U.S., he had been one of Karl Marx' top generals in the 1848 revolution. In 1864, he was able to persuade John C. Fremont from running in the primary against Lincoln (see Howard Zinn for details). :-)

On Sat, 1/26/13, Ooo wrote:

I would agree with Uwy's assessment on sending the film and would suggest that any possible action be discussed by the steering committee. PsySR is a national organization and I'm uncertain as to whether involvement in a singular hiring issue - even though the evidence suggests that as a psychologist he has at the very least repeatedly violated his code of ethics is appropriate.

I'm pleased the concern over the hiring of Larry James has reached the attention of the HUMANRIGHTS list here. What ambiguates (to me) that concern is that while his personal ethics regarding "torture support behavior" have been challenged, the psychology of such behavioral practices has not been critically examined. A standing failure to take on the APA and the related belief structure fully at that level tends to marginalize the advocacy.

That being said, I trust the UM appointment can be kept from happening. [!]


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