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I think a better framing is from Julian Huxley's ideation of "psychosomatic unity."

The idea that "brains" and "behavior" are inseparably linked is destroyed by the behavior of sea stars. They have been photographed (time speed-up) in obvious behaviors. But they have no brains! [total about 20 nerve cells only]





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I think you are right.  Back in the past century they were finding that various diseases were being caused by a lack of control over our emotions.  But, now in specific research projects they are locating the affected gene(s), the energy sent by the brain to make it work, and tracing the cause(s) of inadequate energy in the brain. I'm finding it all facinating; I just wish I were younger so I might get involved in some of the research.

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I know some of the names, but haven't read the particulars that you cite. Have the sense that they too are saying that we don't understand anything until we know the biological basis.