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Subject: Re: [PsySR-humanrights] Counterpunch: “Standing Firm for Reform at the American Psychological Association“

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Indeed. I concur.

Last Wednesday I went to an event in Berkeley sponsored by progressive radio station KPFA. The speaker was Rebecca Gordon, from USF, who talked about her new book, "American Nuremberg." She was speaking to the social concerns as described below, yet did not engage the psychological advocacy below in a direct manner. Afterwards I asked her if she knew about the work of PsySR in constructing a socially responsible way to help take on the "crimes of torture" of the present.

Rebecca indicated that she did know about PsySR, and implied she didn't understand how to make a meaningful connection. She said she might like to find a way, when I suggested that such a way might be found. I recall from talking earlier with Adrianne Aron who was working on a U.C. campus campaign, that finding ways to broaden and strengthen the advocacy could be a contribution of merit. I believe Rebecca is available as an ally and that she'd be pleased to help take on the "Standing Firm for Reform" advocacy.





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This is just BRILLIANT, Svy. Thank you so much!!!

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I have a new article up on Counterpunch today – “Standing Firm for Reform at the American Psychological Association.” If you find it worthwhile, I hope you’ll share it with others.