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Subject: [S-ACC] "fig leaf" good

Date: Friday, August 7, 2015 2:59 PM



Current event report here.

Today the long struggle against psychologist involvement in torture took a change, with the Council of Representatives of the APA voting nearly unanimously to "Ban Interrogation" as a psychological practicum (details forthcoming). The lone dissenter was Larry James, whose book "Fixing Hell" has the foreword by Philip Zimbardo.

That means that the "institutional change" question comes forward; there will be an APA Town Hall tomorrow where that discussion will first come out. Our concern has to be that "standing up for the integrity of psychology" must involves the construction of a socially accountable approach, hitherto not sufficiently engaged.

I doubt that "Basaglia's Vision" and Gramsci's "cultural hegemony" will be properly employed in the new institutional dynamic. We will have work cut out for us, in order to help effect such a social change.

Nonetheless, the flavor of our engagement with psychology will tend to shift: The denial of our way of being and of the oppression we face will be under stress, as the hypocrisy of our dignity stemming from "treatment" becomes more transparent.

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