Ferguson Police


From: 'Andrew Phelps'

To: psysr-poverty@googlegroups.com

Subject: There's a police coup going on right now in Ferguson, Mo.

Date: Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:51 AM


My argument is that structural violence needs to be acknowledged and engaged in a sensitive and appropriate manner.

There also needs to be an understanding of kinds of counter-violence versus activism that deconstructs the violence. Mahatma Gandhi invoked such an agenda, and he did run into problems where his approach was insufficient.

My great-grandfather (from nearby St. Charles) invoked the passion linked with assault on Afro-Americans and spent the Civil War in a Union prison camp. His eldest daughter Florence became a suffragist and was the 2nd woman ever to receive a Ph.D. (mathematics) from Johns Hopkins University.

On Thu, 8/14/14, Tsr wrote:

The situation in Ferguson is a version of the Trayvon Martin tragedy and all the other "Trayvons" since his murder. I think it is certainly time for a followup statement from PsySR. Perhaps one that connects the dots in a larger picture of the assault on African Americans, on human and civil rights, on the misuse of authority and power at all levels of the justice/law enforcement system, from challenging the right to vote to cold-blooded murder of African American men and boys in the streets of the USA.

Until we engage behavior based on Afro-American culture in a manner that transcends stereotyping, "all levels of the justice/law enforcement system" will have a free hand for violence, abuse, and promotion of trauma.


Andrew Phelps