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Subject: [s-acc] integrity and the "behavior object"

Date: Sat 12/15/12 02:09 PM



I continue to wrestle with the "oppression" psychology and the associated "culture change" advocacy. I feel that by working at those matters, the stereotyping will "come off" and the actual advocacy of "occupying our behavior" will become more transparent. I keep getting the "pat on the shoulder" when people "don't know how else to respond." For me, grassroots advocacy involves putting in process the social construct that meaningfully represents the truth, so I try to take the demeaning experiences "in stride."

Last week at San José City College the Mental Health clients put on a community program on "Fairness and the Lived Experience of the 'Behavior Object'" where some of us attempted to frame the path to "dignity advocacy." Event flyer HERE. I know, from the PsySR conference in DC (July), the IVAT 17 poster in San Diego (September) and our experience at Portland Alternatives (October) that aspects of that advocacy are being put forward. I also know that the client/survivor movement is taking many hits and downs, such as (what appears to be) the impending collapse of the California Network of M.H. Clients.

My flyer for the MHCA event shows a "compassionate rat." That rat - under experimental conditions - nudged the cage of another rat, so that it could get out and get food.


ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"

"Behavior Objects of the World, Unite. You have nothing to lose but your pellets!"
    (from the flyer for the Caucus at Alternatives)