Subject: Re: [psysr-disc] The Shadow That Hangs Over Obama's Second Term

Date: Sun, January 20, 2013 12:05 pm



You linked HERE.

From that text:

Humankind has changed the definition of evil in the course of its existence. It once measured evil in terms of madness; now madness, duly medicalized, has become exculpatory.

And that raises the concern for the proper understanding of "madness."

In 1960, I attended a class party at Judge Bazelon's home. Bazelon was the inventor of the "Durham rule" which is "duly medicalized" and does the "exculpatory."

I had committed no crime, so the Judge notified the school that I had a "madness" problem and asked them to engage that in a "duly medicalized" manner. Which they did, and to my long-term detriment.

what intensified the initial apprehension of his evil was not the suspicion that he was in the grip of psychosis during the murders but rather the suspicion that he was not.

In my instance, I was in the grip of the experience of Vision. Years later I took an upper division course at Bryn Mawr College on William Blake, which engaged my rationality (diagnostically: suspicion of psychotic inclination). "What immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful Symmetry?"

he (Adam Lanza/Barack Obama) has readily and rationally accommodated himself to the necessity of evil.

The failure to engage the relation of the "rationality" question to the "madness" question (commonly mis-labeled as the "mental illness" question), still obtains. The work of Foucault and its implementation in the polity of Trieste, Italy requires our attentional focus.

Today another student from the school (class of 1996) enters the fray as Chair of the President's inauguration ceremony. I wish Chelsea well.


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