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Subject: [S-ACC] making an 'even' arrangement

Sent: Saturday, May 27, 2017 8:43 PM



I learned today that our application to do a workshop at Alternatives 2017 Boston (August 18-21) has not been decided - decisions are said to come in "early June."  link here

Obviously the present political environment is complex and full of violent conflict; also SAMHSA is said to be getting a new Director - anyway, we shall see.

"The Paths to Safety" discussion is rising as more now see that we are people, not "mentally ill" beings, and many of us have each our own take of how to work that concern.  :-)

I organized a panel event at San Jose City College the week before last, called "Paths to Brilliance" and we talked (stressing a feminist perspective, intersectionally speaking), that feelings about being go beyond stereotypy and labels, and spoke to how to provide institutional support for that.  link here


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