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Subject: [PsySR-wellbeing] "consumer" culture

Date: Thu, August 21, 2014 5:50 pm



Since Twz brought up the matter of 'consumer' culture I'd like to reference the dynamic of "mental health" in the Silicon Valley. In 2001, I organized a one-day training of the top managers involved with Santa Clara County Mental Health and associated provider system. We called that the "Educational Retreat" and my report is online HERE.

Our keynote speaker was Philip Cushman whose advocacy "Why the Self is Empty" starts with identifying the social mis-construction known as 'consumer' culture. We succeeded in changing the conversation in County M.H. and the consequences come forward until the present. There is more to the social responsibility disconnect therein described than simply the Bernays promotion of "public relations," there is rather the integrity of the human beings involved.

Andrew Phelps

who does not identify as 'consumer'