Mars Rover


From: "Andrew Phelps [S-ACC]"


Subject: [S-ACC] domestic violence activism

Date: Thursday, December 24, 2015 7:45 PM



I've been 'quiet' as I've worked into the way of being of engaging domestic violence (DV). That concern relates directly to the oppression concern of the client/survivors, as people who experience (or observe) DV confound that concern with madness. My work is one sort (of many) of grassroots activism meant to strengthen our movement. Others are invited to speak to alternative efforts!

I helped organize a workshop Nov. 23rd at San Jose City College (SJCC), described as a "Domestic Violence Survivors Forum." One flyer developed raised that concern directly, viz.  here. The lead flyer  here  explains the project more in "safety" terms. Note the "magic dancers" from Mozart's Magic Flute opera!

We had 25 persons attending most of whom were students with DV experience, to which many spoke. SJCC administration moved to ban the event, claiming the need for a "licensed mental health clinician" present. We resisted, and led them to back off that claim. In the end we reached to non-profit mental health "DV" providers: We had an offer of a free off-campus room from one local provider, and a "DV" worker from another (not a "licensed clinician") the event.

There is a transformatory process where "DV" solutions are challenging the dynamic of "behavior management" in mental health. As we shed our identities defined by "mental illness" and come to be recognized as "people," we push on the denial system for oppression. Much stress is engaged as the present harmful arrangement comes into question. Kindness and respect would do well to develop and to continue.