From: "Andrew Phelps"


Subject: [S-ACC] "Ducks in Line" experience

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2016 1:51 PM



We did the "Getting the Ducks in Line" workshop on Wednesday. An audio recording will likely become available presumably from the conference website.

Myself, Maria, Delphine, Drake, and Pam presented, then people participating also spoke. The idea was that the mental health behavior managers are schooled to use "mental illness" as an approach to "keep ducks in line."

We consider (in the passion and perspective Pat Risser promoted) that we are "people" who are attempting to live out our "life projects" (ways of being). We extended that, at the workshop, so that people would also begin to speak to what they had done to help the mental health system work better.

The conference pulled up the "empowerment" psychology from the early ("first stage") level of the client/survivor movement. In general, the desire to move to respect and dignity ("second stage") was not a major focus, although many conference participants are moving/have moved in that direction.