May Day in San Josó


From: Andrew Phelps <>


Subject: [s-acc] DSM-V behavior update

Date: Sun 05/05/13 04:21 PM



As we near the S.F. ApA convention we find that a shift in the dynamics obtains. DSM-V which is the perpetuation and intensification of the behavior management system in the interests of the 'big Pharma' is now being challenged for its integrity by NIMHHERE.

They want to fund research regarding "brain science" and in contravention to the diagnostic system. That constitutes "treatment" of the ApA and its involvement with 'big Pharma'; that should not be seen however as a constructive resolution of the "science" problematic or to mitigate the oppression of the client/survivors directly.

The meaning is that we must upgrade our engagement with the control system of behavior management. On the one hand, the "Newtown" experience has led the government and the 1% to shift their process; on the other hand, the immediate impact of the shift is a new experience of retraumatization.

The stereotype driven battle ground of "anti-psychiatry" is in collapse in a new way. Now our positive advocacy for social accountability must needs be pulled together in a stronger and more focused manner.


ABO "Andrew Behavior Object"