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Subject: Re: [psysr-poverty] What’s Driving America’s Flagging Vital Signs?


Date: Tuesday, August 20, 2013, 7:18 PM



At another level there is the SAMHSA perspective that "mental patients" die 25 years earlier than the rest of the population: The inferential reason is what's described as "metabolic syndrome," which means the psych meds subvert the wellness of the physical body.

In America health costs are highest among advanced countries, yet that represents a "denial" system as implemented. Instead of working to understand and upgrade the "clinical gaze" social relations in the mental health area, we promote "flagging vital signs." Together with "confronting the industries" we do need to promote/occupy the social truth of madness and rely less on "mental illness" excuses. Other countries move in that way, and so far this country does not.




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The article gives only passing mention to poor nutrition/food in the US but this issue actually deserves much more emphasis. For example, this major study from the NEJM from a few years back predicted shorter life spans for children compared to their parents for a very specific reason: an increase in obesity-related diseases such as heart disease, kidney disease, cancer, diabetes. Obesity is related to electronic media consumption, including marketing of junk food to children (about 90% of direct-to-child marketing is for junk food). If we want to improve health and life expectancy, we need to put more emphasis on childrens' media environments and into the fight for regulation of youth marketing. Obesity is not really about increasing exercise -- more exercise is simply not sufficient to combat a problem that is caused by what one buys and puts into one's mouth. This was the big flaw in Michelle Obama's misguided obesity initiative. ..

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