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The American Psychological Association (APA) meets in Denver, CO next week - August 4 thru 7. Psychologists for Social Responsibility is following up on the "dissident" effort to break down the APA torture production experience and enhance the reform of the leadership. See here for instance. They are serious about changing how psychology does business, however they are not attentive (so far) with the social accountability related to treating client/survivors as people with "mental illness," rather than people with integrity.

On Saturday, PsySR is doing an off-site Mini-Conference at the nearby Embassy Suites Hotel. I'm presenting 2-3PM (with two allied psychologists): "The Old Social Role is Oppression for People Diagnosed with 'Mental Illness', the New Social Roles project as an alternative approach." Comments are invited on-list and any individuals in the "Work Group" are welcome to attend, free of cost. My personal concern is to help construct a "reconciliation" process so that the integrity of our psychological advocacy will gain the respect we deserve, that we have earned from lived experience and understanding.






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