From: "'Andrew Phelps' <dis_course@yahoo.com>"

To: "SOCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY" <s-acc@yahoogroups.com>

Subject:  [S-ACC] initial report Alternatives 2018 workshop

Date:  Sunday, August 5, 2018 12:26 PM



A brief report, much more to follow: Pam Inaba, Delphine Brody, Drake Ewbank, myself, and Jancis Long (not physically present) spoke with about 60 persons, on the last day of the conference.

We talked the "new attitude" approach of valuing kindness and responsibility. In the early 90s, Alternatives was reset as a collaboration with SAMHSA, and now we go back to engaging "behavioral" oppression, in a way that has been made marginal for quite a while.

The "new attitude" approach seemed to be very well taken, as that seems to reach to what people do. Lobbying Capitol Hill has meaningful political content, and does not however reach to all aspects of our oppression (a social relation that needs upgrading).

"Kindness and responsibility" presented well; the four of us spoke personal experience from the heart, not "mental illness" talk. Jancis' presentation, online HERE  was passed around and read aloud by an attendee.

The theme of our advocacy is "institutional shift" in relation to being people who work "culture change." We trust we may show how to help make the stereotype of "mentally ill" transform, how to promote the "madness" dynamic of our way(s) of being valued for the form of social construction we seek.


Much more later, just a start.