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Date: Friday, January 10, 2014, 10:00 AM

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How interesting Andrew. What was he like in real ife. Did you know about his involvement?

Haverford as a Quaker-based institution has a long history of "pacifism." When I was a student, there were events there that played an important role in helping create what later became the "student anti-war movement."

My memory of Dr. Davidon goes to when he was a physics professor. He was rather "withdrawn" and 'factual' in his manner of interaction. As a visionary I did - as was my habit - try to reach out to him. From that limited experience, I could see that he was a person with a passion for "doing right," both in science and in life.

As my reference to his website shows, he later "moved over" and became a professor of mathematics. That has collateral interest for me, although it was after my 'time' at Haverford. FWIW Haverford math in the early 60s was strongly situated in "algebraic topology" which was rather esoteric; what Davidon engaged (see website) was more 'pragmatic'. For me, the fact of my father "being put on the enemies list for advocacy for the New Math" (see for instance HERE) which was in 1969-70 was a determining factor.

As for the March 8th, 1971 break-in at the Media, PA FBI office, my disclosure would be that the day before, I was released from psychiatric lockup in Washington, DC. That - it would seem – constitutes a good "cover" for my non-involvement directly in the activity that has now been revealed.